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ABSOLUTE SPACE, the womb of Nature. The Cosmic Zip-Drive

Virtual Reality; Wise Silence. Infinite energy density pervading the entire universe. Interstellar Magnetic Field. The fundamental primordial groundstate; the dynamic physical vacuum (subspace), not just absence of matter and EM fields, negative existence; absolute nature. Plenum/Void. Stress-gradient of the vacuum. Lack of any dimension.

In the vacuum state everything is disintegrated, but highly dynamic. The vacuum is not an emptiness FILLED with massless charge, rather, it IS identically massless charge (disintegrated dynamicism). It is a plenum, not an emptiness. It is also pure, undifferentiated action.

A photon is the basic action quantum. It may be considered as an oscillation in and out of time. It may also be considered as a virtual pattern of positron/electron pairs. It is a piece of electromagnetic radiation when it interacts as a particle.

One half of the photon exists in and carries positive time (negative charge), and the other half exists in and carries negative time (positive charge). Thus, one half is "normal" and the other half is "time-reversed" (phase conjugated).

The photon may be considered as one cycle of an electromagnetic wave. The photon is the basic carrier of time. It consists of a piece of energy welded to a piece of time, with no seam in the middle. The passage of "time" thus moves at the speed of light, its carrier. When its magnitude diminishes below the quantum threshold, a photon becomes a virtual photon, whose emission and absorption cause charge on an electron.

Photon interaction is the absorption and emission of photons by particles or objects. The macroscopic world is created by this interaction, which is the basic quantum change interaction.

Multiple vectors acting on one point and summing or multiplying to zero (Vector Equilibrium Matrix) are physically still present, even though their vector resultant is a zero vector...Thus physically a zero vector can be a system having a very real, distinct sub-structure of nonzero vector components. These infolded vector components may be highly dynamic (i.e. chaotic). The anenergy of each infolded dynamic vector component is thus "trapped" inside the local vector zero system.

Anenergy is the stress energy of the vacuum. "Fragments" of energy, more subtle than electromagnetic energy, turned against themselves are locked into a vector zero summation. This is modeled as scalar, massless charge flux or virtual particle flux, or "pieces" of the spatiotemporal vacuum spacetime medium.

Every ordinary observable particle (photon, neutron, electron, proton, etc.) contains or consists of a dynamically changing cloud of virtual objects. Exchange of virtual objects is thought to generate almost all forces of nature. Conservation of energy need not be conserved in virtual interactions, and generally is not.

In the new approach, the mind may be considered a special virtual universe, and a thought a virtual object. The virtual state consists of multiply nested levels, each level progressively finer and more subtle. THESE SUBLEVELS ALSO CORRESPOND MATHEMATICALLY TO HIGHER GEOMETRICAL DIMENSIONS.

Virtual particles in the vacuum flux arise out of nothing spontaneously (creation) and disappear into nothing spontaneously (annihilation). Since this is random, at any instant any sort of pattern imaginable is "just appearing" and "just disappearing" in the vacuum. Thus a ghost-pattern of everything exists in the vacuum at any point or region, at any time.

THE VACUUM IS THUS A GIANT VIRTUAL-STATE HOLOGRAM. INTEGRATING (KINDLING) ONE OF THESE FORMS WILL RESULT IN IT BECOMING FIRST A NEUTRINIC PATTERN, THEN A PHOTONIC (LIGHT) PATTERN, THEN A MATERIALIZING PATTERN, AND FINALLY A MATERIAL PATTERN. Discharge of the "potential" of this pattern then reverses the process. These two processes--charge-up and discharge--constitute materialization and dematerialization. Anything at all--living or dead--can be materialized or dematerialized.

ACTUALLY THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD IS NOT THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL FIELD, BUT IS SOMETHING THAT IS TORN OUT OF, OR SEPARATED FROM, A MORE FUNDAMENTAL FIELD: THE VECTOR POTENTIAL. Maxwell's equations and the normal concept of an EM wave and single frequency thus represents only gross envelops of the actual forms and structure of waves and fields. The personality covers and distorts the essence or soul in much the same way.

A vacuum that is utterly dark is suffused with an electromagnetic field that fluctuates with waves of all wavelength, each with its own zero point energy. Since there is an infinity of those vacuum fluctuations, the sum total of all zero point energies, even in a small volume, must be infinite.

According to quantum mechanics, a particle's position is uncertain; the probability of finding it at a given point is smeared out in space. Tunneling can occur if the region of uncertainty extends to the other side of an energy barrier. Because particles with smaller mass have a greater uncertainty in their position, they have a higher probability of tunneling.

In biological molecules, electrons tunnel readily across distances of tens of angstroms, whereas a proton should tunnel less than one angstron. At the molecular level there is growing evidence of influences on gene expression and function emanating from an even deeper level of bio-physical existence, i.e., the subatomic or 'quantum' levels of life.

The potential role of such influences open up new possibilities for a more sophisticated understanding of organism management from the most fundamental level of biological structure.

The primary focus of the genetic engineer continues almost exclusively at the molecular level of biological functioning, and essential interdisciplinary communication with the physics community remains extremely limited. This area is completely 'off the radar' for all but a few biotechnologists, such is the fragmented nature of modern science.

To make modifications to a complex multi-dimensional system in a way which may be described as 'engineering', requires at the outset a thorough understanding of how that system functions at and between its various levels. Bioscalar fields exist within the human organism.

Bioscalar source energy is a repository for information, directly influencing all tissue, cells, molecules, genes, and the DNA. Theoretically, intentionality heals by creating and informing the scalar energy at the subquantal level. Zero Frequency. Unmanifest Metaphysical Being.

ZPE VIRTUAL PHOTON FLUCTUATION boundary layer: nothing becomes something.

Vacuum fluctuation, virtual photon fluctuation, scalar field, subspace, ZPE, fields of torsion. Virtual particle-antiparticle pairs. Source of photons blinking into and out of existence from Absolute Space. The virtual particle "sea", the unlimited reservoir of symmetric, virtual, particle-antiparticle pairs of all kinds created by the interaction of light with the metric of spacetime.

Zero-point energy is made up of photons created by all those electrons in distant stars. Virtual photons in space are created by the motions of other electrons, mainly by “distant matter.” Each zigzag of a local electron is actually a nonlocal communication between it and distant matter. Each quantum photon consists of many photon pulses, which are collectively the ZPE of the vacuum of space.

The scalar is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two different converging vectors or angles; where the energy vectors meet the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a standing or stationary energy. The space the scalar occupies is not a vacuum but alive with checked and balanced energies.

The actual conversion of free energy to quantized mass forms such as quarks and leptons is bridged by the "Higgs" boson. The universal electric charge can be carried by, or transferred to, any other lepton, baryon, or meson, and color charge can be carried by any quark. They exchange charges and can swap and exchange identities. But identity, being specific to each "rung" of the elementary particle quantum "ladder" (spectrum), requires a carrier specific to that rung, either the particle itself or its specific neutrino.

Without the neutrino, there would be no material Universe, as there would be no alternative carrier for identity charge. There is a bridge between the virtual particle "sea" of the vacuum and real particles, such that real particles can exchange charges and energies with the unlimited information resources of the "sea", and thus affect their "real world" decays and transformations.

Manifestation requires information which is in its essential character asymmetric; otherwise it is not information. In the particle realm, the fundamental bit of information is "identity". Particles can manifest only because their identity can be carried by neutrinos.

Because all particles are derived from the interaction of light (pure free energy) with the metric of spacetime, the virtual particle "sea" will contain any asymmetry embedded in light, spacetime, or their interaction. The only asymmetry we know of in either light or spacetime is the potential time asymmetry; in light the component of time is implicitly expressed as "frequency". In virtual particle pairs the potential for asymmetry is expressed as information in the form of various charges. EM waves are wiggles of nothingness. Conversion of free energy to bound energy. Emanation.

PHOTONS are the basic unit of energy and cosmos.

Light is a current of particles called photons. Particles are composed of the energy of light and reflect the structure of spacetime. A photon is a single particle of light. The photon is the field vector of electric charge.

The radiant ground is the fundamental source beyond the boundary layer of quantum foam. Photons are the self-luminous manifestation of Absolute Space. Plants, animals and humans generate up to 100 photons per second, per .15 square inches (1 sq. centimeter) of surface area.

Electromagnetic waves are carried by particles called quanta. By using particle theory electromagnetic radiation can be examined as if it were composed of small particles of energy called quanta. Finite bundles, quanta of light are called photons. Though they can demonstrate particulate properties they are believed to be massless. However, though photons do not have mass, they do have momentum. The discrete 'particle' properties of Matter and Light (quanta) are in fact caused by Standing Wave interactions. Radiation.

BIOPHOTONS are biological radiation.

Light is stored in the cells of organisms, in DNA molecules of their nuclei. A dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed by the DNA connects cell organelles, cells, tissues, and organs within the body and serves as the organism's main communication network and as the principal regulator for all life processes. DNA and the genome have now been identified as active "laser-like" environments.

Biophotons are weak emissions of light radiated from the cells of all living things. The light is too faint to be seen by the naked eye, but biophotons have been detected and verified using photomultiplier tubes. Light is constantly being absorbed and remitted by DNA molecules within each cell's nucleus, creating a dynamic, coherent web of light.

This system could be responsible for chemical reactions within the cells, cellular communication throughout the organism, and the overall regulation of the biological system, including embryonic development into a predetermined form. The laser-like coherence of the biophoton field is a prime candidate for exchanging information in a highly functional, efficient and cooperative fashion.

In 1976 Popp and Ruth devised very sensitive experimental equipment that could measure low levels of light emission. They showed evidence of weak, but permanent, light emission in the visible range (400 - 800 nm) from plant and animal cells and tissues.

They coined the term "biophotons" in order to express the biological origins and the quantum character of this radiation. Since this discovery, sound, experimental evidence has been published to show that DNA is a source of biophotons, and that there is structure in the biophoton field.

In addition, there is evidence to support the idea that biophotons are responsible for triggering all of the biochemical reactions in the living cell, and that intra- and intercellular biocommunication can occur by means of biophotons.

The Popp research group has also recorded biophoton measurements from the whole human body over a period of many months. These measurements have shown evidence that the biophoton field reflects all the biological rhythms as well as left-right-symmetry of corresponding points on the body in case of healthy people. Bioradiation.

BIOPLASMA is the electrical field body.

Plasma is the fourth state of matter (liquid, gaseous, solid); bioplasma may be a fifth (Popov). The cosmos is highly electrical in nature. It is becoming clear that 99% of the universe is made up not of "invisible matter", but rather, of matter in the plasma state. Electrodynamic forces in electric plasmas are much stronger than the gravitational force.

The space surrounding the Sun, its corona and beyond, is a plasma. Indeed, much of all space is occupied by plasma, mostly in the dark current mode (Thornhill). The planets and their moons each carry an electric charge as they travel through this plasma. Earth’s ionosphere is a plasma. The plasma sea in which the solar system floats extends out to what is called the heliopause.

There is probably a double layer that separates our Sun's plasma from the lower voltage plasma that fills our arm of the Milky Way galaxy. The electrical forces between dissimilar ions are orders of magnitude stronger than any mechanical force such as that produced by gravity.

An electrical "plasma" is a cloud of ions and electrons that, under the excitation of applied electrical and magnetic fields, can sometimes light up and behave in some unusual ways. Plasmas are ideal conductors. Plasmas emit measurable electromagnetic radiation (radio frequency noise). Living organisms, including humans, are plasma fields, which produce waves.

Living organisms emit vibrations at a frequency of 300 to 2,000 nanometers. This energy is called the biofield, or bioplasma. Bioplasmic energy field is composed of ions, free protons, and free electrons. Bioplasmic particles are constantly renewed by chemical processes in the cells and are in constant motion.

Life is electric, however, its control takes place magnetically, electromagnetically. The manifestations of life may be ultimately summarized in terms of plasma and radiation. The secret of life lies in process control through small energy and with minimal noise. Plasmas are conductive and only respond to electric and magnetic fields and can be efficient sources of radiation.

Magnetohydrodynamics is based on magnetic transmission over a plasma carrier. Sedlak proposes that magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) can be used to model living bioplasma. This MHD controlled state correlates with metabolic process, such as anabolism-catabolism and oxidation, physiological currents and weakly luminescent effects (biophotons; bioluminescence).

A complex signaling system is formed involving electric, magnetic, optical and acoustic effects. This signaling system must operate on the level of single macromolecules like DNA and on groups of molecules, such as cells, tissues, organs and the organism, and above all on the level of the metabolism as an ensemble of chemical processes.

Plasma oscillations are generalized holograms. Plasma waves for which the frequency does not depend on wave vector are ideal candidates for holograms in the generalized sense. Living matter is full of this kind of holograms: besides plasma oscillations associated with biologically important ions, also plasma oscillations associated with atoms and molecules can define holograms. Emission. Bioluminescence.

PHOTONIC BODY: a biohologram of coherent light (photons) and sound (phonons).

Biophotons, ELF and Radio-waves control genetic regulation. Plasmawaves for which the frequency does not depend on wave vector are ideal candidates for holograms in the generalized sense. Living matter is full of this kid of holograms: besides plasma oscillations associated with biologically important ions, also Z0 plasma oscillations associated with atoms and molecules can define holograms.

Electromagentic signals are of key importance in the regulatory functioning of DNA . Part of it is based on ultraviolet luminence creating biophotons that have been experimentally demonstrated to be able to enhance metabolic reactions thousandfold. Another aspect is an electromagnetically mediated "language" for communication between DNA and the cells.

At the moment of ovulation there is a definite shift in the woman’s electrical field. The membrane in the follicle bursts and the egg passes down the fallopian tube. The sperm is negative with respect to the egg. When the sperm and egg unite, the membrane around the egg becomes hyperpolarized, shutting out other sperm. It is at this moment that the electromagnetic entity is formed.

The fertilized egg cell contains all the information necessary to create a complete operational human being. We arise from and are sustained by field phenomena, waves of biophotonic light and sound, which form our essential nature through acoustic holography (Gariaev; Miller & Miller).

Endogenous laser illumination turns the DNA into a series of active adaptive phase conjugate mirrors/holographic transducers. A beam of radiation resonantly emerges on which the holographic information is carried as encoded in the DNA. DNA functions as an antenna capable of both encoding and decoding holographic information.

This coherent light transduces itself into radio waves (holographic biophoton field), which carry sound as information that decodes the 4-D form as a material object. We also suspect chromosomes transform their genetic-sign laser radiations into broadband genetic-sign radio waves. The polarizations of chromosome laser photons are connected nonlocally and coherently to polarizations of radio waves.

Phonons are the tiniest particles of sound Phonons are to sound as photons are to light. It takes billions of phonons to make up a sound. Phonons oscillate, echo, reverberate etc. at the sub atomic level in the quantum soup. Phonons are quantized modes of atomic vibration that propagate throughout the lattice of a solid. The explanation for these observations required the existence of fairly long lived vibrational mode excitations, the quantized versions of which are called phonons.

Phonon modes can be used as a basis set for describing all atomic motion, and such atomic motion is necessary for biological function. The phonons can form a frequency and wavelength description that can replace the position and time description of atom displacements. By this switch new insights to the energetics of processes can be gained.

When sound travels through a solid, the atoms in the lattice do not vibrate as single units, instead they oscillate collectively as acoustic waves, which can vary in frequency as high as 1012 Hz. The sound made by the atoms moving in the solid is called a phonon. These phonons obey the laws of quantum mechanics and hence, can be considered as a wave or a particle. Therefore, they can be scattered by free electrons and can limit the thermal conductivity and increase the electrical resistance of a solid.

Another way in which sound and light have been linked is in the phenomenon known as sonoluminescence. This is the emission of light by bubbles in a liquid that has been excited by sound. It was first discovered by scientists at the University of Cologne in 1934, but was not considered very interesting at the time[i]. It has created a stir in the physics community in recent times though.

The mystery of how a low-energy-density sound wave can concentrate enough energy in a small enough volume to cause the emission of light is still unsolved. Thus, we have an explicit physical analogue for the traditional mystical apprehension of inner Light and the Audible Life Stream. Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama has measured low light levels coming from people who have practiced yoga and healing for many years.

The DNA molecule, by means of these wave dynamics, exercises some control over the cell membrane’s active transport system and, in so doing, orchestrates the functional integration of cellular processes. Any disturbing factor that disrupts the temporal parameters governing the generation or propagation of the waves, functions as stress in the system and modifies the information exchange with the molecule’s environment.

Coherent waves emitted by the molecule that would incorrectly specify the phase boundaries and consequent energy transport would (1) not catalyze the molecule’s own cyclical transition, and (2) would not promote functional integration of cellular processes. A healthy situation is when the oscillating parcel responds to a proper set of the incoming radiative frequencies.

An unhealthy situation involves a frequency shift of the oscillating parcel, which (1) causes it to respond to an incorrect set of incoming radiative frequencies, and (2) causes it to be unresponsive to the proper set of frequencies. The frequency dependent properties which determine a biological entity’s energy exchange with its environment.

Because the frequency of the electron parcel is governed by three factors -- the mean temperature, stability, and density of its environment -- any process that disturbs one or more of these factors can result in a shift of the parcel’s natural frequency of oscillation

Just as the sound waves originating at the tuning fork are able to excite only those strings on the piano in the harmonic series of the fundamental tone, the coherent waves originating with the DNA molecule accomplish energy transfer only with those phase boundaries matched by the series of wave trace velocities associated with the coherent waves.

These experimental findings about DNA control of cellular processes mediated by electromagnetic/ quantum mechanical mechanisms are largely unconsidered by biotechnology researchers. They introduce important new elements that radically change our understanding of the workings of DNA.

Most importantly, they seriously undermine the present biotechnological dogma where DNA is treated as a micro-object that is "clipped" and "glued". Instead, so far completely unknown Quantum Wave aspects have been found to be involved that may radically change our understanding of what happens in genetic engineering.

Also see Pitkanin
Bio-Systems as Conscious Holograms. Biofield. Bioholography.

FIELD BODY; Self-illumined Light is both an inner (biophysical) and outer (quantum and cosmological) essential phenomena.

Energy/matter emerges as light from the boundary layer where nothing becomes something. A field is created when energy moves from one point to another, and collapses when the movement of energy ceases. The field body is a multi-layered and multi-folded system consisting of possibly hundreds of interlocking fields. If energy must move to create these fields, where is this energy coming from?

There are three main energy systems that contribute towards the energy of the field body. The heart powers the first of these systems. The heart is the first organ to be created in an embryo, and it starts to beat after 40 days. The pressure waves induced by the beating of the heart create phonons, and these power the field body of the embryo. In addition, the heart makes real sounds, and this low frequency sound can be connected to the system of quantum energy.

The second energy system is created by the nervous system. The nervous system creates sounds in a similar way to the heart and huge amounts of ionised particles. It also devotes a large amount of effort to the creation of a polarisation wave, which can act as a carrier for the quantum information in the accompanying field.

The third way of generating energy for the field body comes from the lungs. There are many different types of connective tissues found throughout the body, but is primarily concentrated in the musclo-skeletal system. The driver of this energy is the breathing and it's complex relationship with the heartbeat.

It appears that all of the energy systems are involved with sound, and the lungs power the larynx, as well as making their own breathing sounds. In addition, all three systems involve electron transfers due to chemical reactions. The lungs are no exception, they take oxygen in, and expel carbon dioxide. In fact, the lungs can be thought of as the beginning of the meridian system, and as a double driver as they direct oxygen to the cells of the body.

So, the three systems are based on the idea that sounds from the lungs, throat, heart and brain can all be used by the body. The concepts of photons and sonoluminescence show that this is indeed possible, however, sound is not generally considered to be important in physiology.

It appears to be more than possible to help the body to make energy, as it fails to do when it is ill, merely by replenishing the structure of the field body at a certain point. If the body loses its ability to be able to convert sound energy into light, then there can be serious repercussions.

DNA molecules contribute to the field body. Popp's research on biophotons has implied that DNA molecules are able to generate energy, interacting with the field body. DNA molecules are extremely significant in the structuring of the field body.

The QED field body theory leads to a number of conclusions:

a. The QED Body Field is created from electromagnetic energy supplied by the drivers of the Body Field (i.e. the heart, brain and lungs). It is then able to self-organise into 12 quantised compartments.
b. This Field is able to direct the interaction of the subatomic particles in the body with respect to other matter and fields.
c. It is possible to help the body to generate energy for the Body Field
d. Photons of specific frequencies, certain structures, and certain elements (in their physical and numerical forms) are able to interact with the Body Field.
e. Problems arise when the Body Field becomes distorted.
f. There are substances that can block the Body Field, which can lead to potentially serious consequences.

Quantum nonlocality is directly related to laser radiation from chromosomes (coherent light), which jitterbugs its polarization plane to radiate or occlude photons. DNA and the genome have now been identified as active "laser-like" environments.

Roughly speaking, DNA can be considered as a liquid crystal gel-like state (Szent-Gyorki; Popp; Ho) that acts on the incoming light in the manner of a solitonic lattice (Bearden). A soliton is an ultra stable wave train that arises in the context of non-linear wave oscillation.

Despite their rarity on Earth, over 99% of the universe is in the plasma state. Earth, with its high density and low temperature (astrophysically speaking) is an anomaly! Stars, including our Sun, are big balls of hot, dense plasma. Interstellar space is filled with a dilute cold plasma (Thornhill). Supernova are the plasma remnants of exploded stars. Closer to home, lightning, flames and the aurora are examples of naturally occurring plasmas.

SACRED LIGHT is generated internally by rhythm-entraining photoreceptors, the pineal gland, and DMT, the spirit molecule.

Integral Nature. Endogenous DMT (N,N-dimethyltryptamine) In the practice of mysticism there is identification with progressively more subtle "bodies" or vehicles of consciousness, culminating in a transform of identification from a mental or causal body to a “vehicle” of pure Light.

Our full being is UNCONSCIOUS, embedded in our psychophysical being, a species-nature 'driven' by context and templates, so it is immediate, organic, holistic. Only when meditation is deployed as a spiritual technology does our consciousness get involved, get fully focused, experiencing the phenomenological issues. The neurology has developed in tandem with the development of the universe.

We have not adapted to it as such, we are still 'becoming' as it is still 'becoming'; life is not 'after the event' but is part of the event. We are not developing 'into' the universe, but 'with' the universe. We unfold as it does. Our local information is the universal language. Meditation and other spiritual technologies help us reconnect consciously with or evoke our integral nature. Through it we “re-member” our primordial nature.

Pineal DMT is released through EM vibrations. Visionary experience with symbolic or religious content gives way to a dazzling light of illumination, reported in eastern and western religions. Meditation modulates pineal activity, ideally eliciting a standing wave through resonance effects that coordinates other brain centers with both chemicals and electromagnetism.

Resonance is induced in the pineal gland using electric, magnetic, or sound energy, resynchronizing both hemispheres of the brain, resulting in a chain of synergetic harmony that releases DMT, an endogenous psychedelic (Strassman). The pineal contains high levels of enzymes and building-blocks for DMT, which may be secreted when inhibitory processes cease blocking its production with other chemicals, such as beta-carbolines which magnify and prolong DMT effects.

DMT is the source of visionary Light in transpersonal experiences. Its primary source, the pineal, has traditionally been referred to as the Third Eye. Curiously, this gland is light sensitive and actually has a lens, cornea, and retina.

DMT production is particularly stimulated in the extraordinary conditions of birth, sexual ecstasy, childbirth, extreme physical stress, near-death, psychosis, and physical death, as well as meditation. Pineal DMT may also play a significant role in dream consciousness.

Meditative techniques using combinations of rhythmic stimuli, sound, sight, or awareness may generate particular wave patterns whose fields induce resonance phenomena in the brain (Bentov; Monroe).

Millennia of human trial and error have determined that certain ‘sacred’ words, visual images, and mental exercises facilitate uniquely desired effects, causing multiple systems to vibrate and pulse at certain frequencies. When our minds and bodies resonate with these spiritual exercises the pineal begins to ‘vibrate’ at frequencies that weaken its multiple barriers to DMT formation and release (Strassman).


All is motion, without and within. There is no force field in the vacuum, as such. But we can think of it as "virtual," rather than "observable." A virtual electric force field exists in the vacuum, comprised of accelerating virtual masses, but not an observable field.

This is beyond the physical, and into the metaphysical domain. Observable particles can exist only in a physical medium. The ambient vacuum stress (potential) has a hidden internal wave structure. Its synergetic compressive stress reacts internally against atoms with their inner and outer parts. Reaction from the nucleus induces a tensile stress, which can be decomposed into opposing forces.

The vacuum may become the central ingredient of 21st-century physics. It is technically metaphysical -- beyond the realm of physics because it is virtual, rather than manifest. These causeless fluctuations in energy create force fields that emerge from nowhere. Particles flit in and out of existence at the threshold of matter. Virtual subatomic particles pop out of nothing and instantaneously disappear. Therefore, so-called "empty" space is not empty at all, but a seething sea of activity that pervades the entire Universe.

The vacuum "sea" is an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. Its permanent positive energy density is synergetically balanced by a negative pressure (a tension). This relates directly to the newest concepts about cosmic inflation in cosmology. Inflation predicts that the density of mass-energy in the Universe is right on the borderline between expansion and collapse. Vacuum energy can account for some of the missing mass predicted for the Universe.

The rest is accounted for through inertia. Inertia is generated by acceleration through the vacuum. Fluctuations in the vacuum give rise to a magnetic field through which all objects move. As they accelerate, each particle feels the grip of this magnetic field, and that resistance is inertia. The larger the object, the more inertia. By altering the vacuum state, it could be possible to alter the inertia of objects. This opens a host of engineering possibilities.

The vacuum plays a key role in structuring the Universe. Astrophysicists says that the vacuum accelerates charged particles, sweeping them up to form concentrations of matter surrounded by vast cosmic voids.

Philosophers were right: Nature does abhor a vacuum. Even empty space is seething with activity. It is the vacuum energy fluctuations which cause "white noise" in electronic circuits, and limits the level to which signals can be amplified. Might this be the metaphysical basis of the audible life stream, the Sound, the Word (Logos) in mysticism?

In the end there is only Brilliance.

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From the Heart of Darkness springs the Light, and we are That. Virtual Photon Fluctuation is the Source of the photons that form and sustain our Being. We are truly Light Beings: Homo Lumen. We literally inhabit and embody a Temple of Living Light, which is interconnected with the deepest level of Cosmos. We are shiny Diamonds of Rainbow Light. We are made in the Images of its Brilliance. Shine On!

In the Effulgence of its Brilliance.


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